About the Test Buddy

How it Works:

■ Individual switches activate brake, lights, and 12v circuits on trailer with digital voltage and amperage meter to quickly check functionality, wiring shorts

■ Bright LEDs indicate tow vehicle functionality and are visible from the cab in direct sunlight

■ Works with electric/hydraulic brakes

What’s included:

■ 12v 20A Power Port

■ Positive and Negative studs on front or test lights, power probes, and anything you may need 12v 30A power for.

■ One 30A manual reset breaker for all the circuits. No checking or replacing fuses. Simply let the breaker cool and then reset!

■ 13” Flatfree Wheels for easy maneuvering around your shop or parking lot.

■ Battery charger

■ 5-year warranty on tester, 1 year warranty on the battery

Optional, Time-Saving Feature

The Test Buddy has an option for a 5-function wireless remote. This remote is a great way to save time and energy when turning circuits on and off as you work on brakes and lights.

This is especially great for one man bleeding of electric/hydraulic brakes on trailers